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Paradox of Choice Gets Solved

Lauren Rosenthal is the Founder of Birdie. Birdie is out to save the world one movie night at a time by addressing the paradox of choice in everyday life, starting with what to watch next.

We discussed how to reward early users for their input, how to develop the product roadmap, and how to prioritize monetization strategies outside of a freemium model.

On average, it takes 20+ minutes of scrolling to make a decision, and more often than not people give in and watch "The Office" for the 100th time. Birdie uses the power of trusted recommendations to bring that down to 2 minutes. However, even on Yelp, the overwhelming majority of users don’t contribute, so the first problem we chatted about was simply: how can Lauren ensure users feel incentivized to leave a recommendation?

We brainstormed financial perks & strategic partners, who might find value in advertising on this app, and also brainstormed who all of this data might be valuable to (ie. Netflix, Amazon, Disney etc.) In addition, we chatted about the power of personal recommendations in eCommerce, and how no one’s built that solution for TV or Media.

I’m excited for what’s next as Birdie progresses to its launch and in the interim, you can sign up for the waitlist here!

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