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Disrupting a Legacy Market: Herbs

Je Amaechi is the Founder of Ilera Market. Ilera Market is an online, membership-based market providing the highest quality ingredients available for every herbalist, regardless of budget, lifestyle or geography.

We discussed how to disrupt legacy markets with technology, the power of mission-driven impact, and how communities can accelerate business growth & long term sustainability.

The first problem we talked about was how to achieve product-market-fit in an industry which has been slow to adapt new technology & innovation. We brainstormed some incentives which might encourage her existing customers & suppliers to migrate to this new technology (ie. referral codes, loyalty programs, and/or Friends & Family discounts.)

In addition, we discussed the importance of keeping the product clean, simple, and efficient for all types of end users, and the importance of consistent testing around User Experience & User Interface. It’s clear that Je’s motivated by a strong mission to provide SMBs in this industry with the infrastructure to scale economically & see new levels of sustainable demand.

It is clear that Je’s platform is backed by an amazing community. I’m excited for what’s next as Ilera Market progresses to its launch and in the interim, you can apply for an invite here!

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