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Dental Hygiene outside the Dentist's Chair

Shlesha Van is a Mechanical Engineering student at McGill and the founder of Ora-3D, a unique brushing solution that aligns with dental recommendations while allowing people to stick to their everyday routines.

We discussed several key aspects of Go-To-Market strategy including distribution scalability, B2B partnerships, and omni-channel strategies.

With regards to distribution scalability, I encouraged Shlesha to leverage user research & customer surveys to better understand existing shopping behavior around dental hygiene and toothbrushes today. We brainstormed how she could use this data to confirm key assumptions regarding where her product needs to be sold (ie. in stores, doctor’s offices, or online.)

In addition, we talked about how to scale B2B partnerships with dental offices, who oftentimes recommend specific products like this to their patients. I encouraged Shlesha to gravitate towards the distribution channels, which could result in the most virality & organic growth. Put simply: who will evangelize this hero product & contribute the most to its success? It’s likely dentists!

We concluded the call talking about her long term vision, and the importance of omni-channel strategies in winning over customers’ hearts and minds. I’m excited for what’s next for Shlesha and her team, and encourage you all to follow Ora-3D here!

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