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Closet Utilization Gets a Refresh

Tripti Thakur is the Founder of Stylish Closet. Stylish Closet is a pre-launch startup looking to solve the problem of underutilized clothes, which end up getting wasted (most are unfortunately sent to landfills).

Tripti's hypothesis is that the next generation of retail tech startups will be powered by in-depth personalization, and that data must come from how all of us use our closets today.

The first challenge we talked about is how to test out your hypothesis as you get closer to the official launch of your product. My advice was to spend this time prioritizing two pivotal steps:

  1. Collect a significant amount of data to better understand who your target customer is. Include questions which ask if they might use this product today (why or why not.) Spend significant time, perhaps a few 1-on-1 calls with the naysayers, and ensure you develop a sharp understanding of the reasons “why not.”

  2. Perform primary research by sending around several customer surveys to better understand the behaviors specific to closet utilization.

The next challenge we talked about is how to continue getting the word out in the earliest days. Due to her background, Tripti is a well connected entrepreneur, who’s earliest customers will likely be her family and friends. My advice for scaling up reach in the earliest days was to find ways to reward the survey respondents who participate with a unique code. Treat them as ambassadors, and ensure they are incentivized to help get the word out about Stylish Closet.

In addition, Tripti mentioned she’s heavily involved with organizations like AllRaise & several other startup bootcamps, which may present unique customer acquisition channels as well.

I’m excited for what’s next as Stylish Closet progresses to its launch and in the interim, you can sign up for the waitlist here!

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